iPhone Photograph – My first discovery

When I first got my iPhone, I never thought to play much with its 2MG pixels camera.  However, there was a trip to Phuket, the biggest island of the Southern Thailand, and I forgot to bring my digital camera with me. With a beatiful sunset view in front of me, I then thought I couldn’t miss a shot. My iPhone camera got its job.

After that trip, I’ve rarely forgotten to have my iPhone in hand.

Sunset at the Phomthep Cape Lighthouse

Sunset at the Phomthep Cape Lighthouse


Phomthep Cape, Phuket, Thailand

Phomthep Cape, Phuket, Thailand


5 Responses to iPhone Photograph – My first discovery

  1. The pic quality on iPhone is great. I used it often when my iPhone was still working (I broke it………… so sad!)

  2. phiebs says:

    The iPhone camera is only good when you have lots and lots of light. Otherwise it’s useless – blurry/grainy pictures. I agree – it’s a great camera for when you don’t have another handy.

  3. foofookie says:

    the shoot quality on iphone is acceptable but we will mostly concentrate in order to get a good shot, anyway.
    it was a pity that you did broke your iphone…T_T”

  4. foofookie says:

    agreed, phiebs. it’s easy when there are lots of light. we also have to be still as much as we can to get a clear picture.
    “unnoticed” it’s the best part that i like to use iphone camera.

  5. Oh, but well.. with iPhone, when taking shots, we have to make sure we won’t drop the phone.. Kinda risky.. LOL..

    I miss my iPhone.. T_T

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