St James’s Park – Home of Wildlife

I am taking you back to London sentimental feeling again. It’s time of the St James’s Park, the oldest of the Royal Parks of London in Westminster, Central London. Most of photographs look solitary… dry and cold. They gave me sense of winter indeed. There however was only thing creating the park lively. It’s “Wildlife”.  There are many kinds of wild breed in the Duck Island, a small island located in the park lake. You could spend a day to watching and observing a natural life.

Duck Island in winter

Duck Island in winter

I believe I can fly

I believe I can fly

What's up, pilots?


Enjoy eating

Enjoy eating


3 Responses to St James’s Park – Home of Wildlife

  1. Nice photo’s. Isn’t this where the pelican ate the pigeon? Pictures of that were all over the English papers in the days of random stories before the credit crunch took over!

  2. Bonnie Shulman says:

    Lovely photos. St. James’s Park is the best, I met all the pelicans when they came over to pose for us:

    Londoners love to put on a show!

  3. foofookie says:

    hi Discover & Bonnie, thanks for visiting my blog.

    Discover, i have no idea about that news. sounds it was a big matter, hah?

    Bonnie, your close-up pelicans photos look fantastic! hmm…thought i missed the highlight show at St James Park 😦

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