Baiyoke Towers – Tempting area for shoppers

The Baiyoke Tower I & II are located in the Pratunam Market area – one of Bangkok’s old markets for wholesale products. The area is for buying clothes, fabrics and textiles. You can buy a t-shirt or a handbag at starting price US$ 4-5.

The Baiyoke Tower II is now the tallest building in Thailand. There is the Baiyoke Skye Hotel located on the top-range floors of the building. You can also check out spectacular views of Bangkok town at a public observatory on the 77th floor.

Tower II in the front, Tower I behind

Tower II in front, Tower I behind

Stand out on sunset

Stand out on sunset


4 Responses to Baiyoke Towers – Tempting area for shoppers

  1. DoReMe says:

    oh…maybe this is the place I wanna visit next time??!!!!!

  2. leolaksi says:

    photo 2 very nice. are you using cs3?

  3. foofookie says:

    just a little bit with a brightness as original photo’s too dark.
    agian, because of the color shaded on the sky, just like the Phuket’s photos with my iphone, it attracted me to grab my camera – the Canon.

  4. leolaksi says:

    gotta keep working at it.

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