MRT Bangkok as a catwalk(?)

I would call this post “MRT Bangkok – Episode II”. Photos taken by iPhone.

Dress up

Dress up

Get caught

Get caught


7 Responses to MRT Bangkok as a catwalk(?)

  1. Do'Re'Me' says:

    Did she realize that you were taking photo of her? She seemed looking at your iphone/camera.

  2. leolaksi says:

    good one fookie.

  3. foofookie says:

    yes finally but she was about to get off then, Do’Re’Me.

  4. foofookie says:

    photos or model, Leo ;D

  5. Do'Re'Me' says:

    hahaha….good question to Leo, foofookie!! 😛

  6. Grayman says:

    I am going to have to get a camera to keep up with this group. Nice work Foofookie

  7. foofookie says:

    thanks, Grayman. you may have to get a small camera 🙂
    I always work with my iPhone with this kind of collection. it’s rarely get noticed.

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