Volcano in Thailand?

I had a road trip to the north of Thailand last week. There was very beautiful sky while I was on the way up there. Though it was totally different weather condition when I was on the return journey 😦  Well, I was amused by manifold cloud figures. And of course, I’ve got a highlight one.

Taken by iPhone

Taken by iPhone

When I first saw the cloud…”Volcano!!”, I exclaimed. I grabbed a first few shots by iPhone. I then rememberred, I also had my Canon 450D just right beside me. So, I took more photos with the Canon too.
(p.s. I was sitting in a moving car. I’d say that the iPhone did pretty good job.)


Taken by Canon 450D

Taken by Canon 450D


One Response to Volcano in Thailand?

  1. DoReMe says:

    Agreed. The photo taken by iphone is not bad.

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