Walking Street in Chiang Mai

There are two locations of Chiang Mai Walking Street. On Saturday, it’s located at the south side of the old city on Wua Lai Road. On Sunday you can go to Rajdumnern Road which is near the Tapae Gate. Lots of local hand-made products are displayed and sold at both areas.

I went there on Saturday evening. It was my first time to check out the walking street. Well, I like its atmosphere. It’s much better than the night bazaar on Chang Khlan Road. Though I didn’t buy any but I was full with my photo shopping. It’s your time to enjoy the street now…

Follow the monks

Follow the monks

Embroidery bags

Embroidery bags

Webbed handbag

Webbed handbag

Wooden pin for a topknot

Wooden pin for a topknot

(it's all) Light

(it's all) Light


3 Responses to Walking Street in Chiang Mai

  1. DoReMe says:

    I like those colorful handbags!! 🙂

  2. leolaksi says:

    foofoo, any idea why the monks’ robes are three colors?

  3. foofookie says:

    good notice, leo! anyway, i have no idea but definitely not kind of fashion like in Shinjuku 🙂

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