A beginning of “Sign” photograph collection

I initiated “Sign” photograph collection in many years ago. Because I wanted to keep memorable feeling of my road trip in New Zealand. It began with an idea how I can mark all destinations I visited and drove pass in the country that I used to dream about. Furthermore, there were many stylish and creative signboards which made me joyful to amassing them.

I keep looking for signs and fulfill my own collection when I do travel since then. Let me share what I’ve got with you.


Gore - World Capital of Brown Trout Fishing


Omarama - The Place of Light


Oamaru - Town of Limestone

3 Responses to A beginning of “Sign” photograph collection

  1. leolaksi says:

    Wow, great theme. I like it!

  2. foofookie says:

    glad you like it. it’s a collection so please stay tuned. i will of course have more.

  3. Do'Re'Me' says:

    Cool!! Can’t wait to see more photos of your collection. 🙂
    Hey, I saw a real goat which position was exactly the same to the stone goat in your second shot when I was on the coach to the rockies in Canada.

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