Goat vs Sheep in New Zealand

I got an inspiration of this post from one of my blog reviewers. Because of DoReMe’s comment to my post “A beginning of Sign Photograph Collection“, I then had a question to myself if I totally misunderstood what a molded figure looks like at the photo of Omarama’s sign.

Goat or Sheep?? I thought, it is a sheep figure. DoReMe thought, it is a goat figure. Or… it is kind of a hybrid. Interesting point, don’t you think? – Just for fun, anyway.
White goat

White goat

Black goat

Black goat

Goat fighting

Goat fighting



With a shepherd
With a shepherd


5 Responses to Goat vs Sheep in New Zealand

  1. DoReMe says:

    You normally will see a group of Sheep in the farm with the “meh…meh…meh…” sound around. Goat is a bit wild and growing in the natual conditions. What do you think?

  2. leolaksi says:

    This is really funny!! 5555t. The Omarama “figure” is a ram. A male sheep.

  3. foofookie says:

    Umm, does a male sheep have horns? I’ve never noticed that!!

  4. leolaksi says:

    google ram in image. you will see a “merino” ram:)

  5. Grayman says:

    I am surprised you didn’t have any pics of “old goats”, but then you might see too many of those daily…

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