Roaming Vang Vieng in Town

Vang Vieng is a well-known destination among backpackers nowadays, particularly Western and European people. Most of them like to spend a few days, a couple weeks or even a month and enjoy in this quiet town. There are lots of guesthouses for a choice of your stay. You can pay only US$10-20 to get a nice and clean bungalow or bamboo/wooden cabin with air-conditioned, hot shower and private bathroom.


Nice and clean guesthouses

Renting and cycling a bike around the town is very easy thing to do. Believe me that it will not be over than a couple hours to do a quick wandering around the town center by a bicycle. Otherwise, to go on foot like I did is also a good choice.

Look around

Looking around

One scene that you will often see particularly in late afternoon or evening is foreign backpackers sit on a bench, sip ‘Beer Laos’ and watch (such a very old american tv series) ‘Friends’ series. Most of local restaurants like to please their customers what they want to. But hey! Can I have any others more interesting than Friends, please..??

Agrhh..don’t you have the Prison Break 🙂

I heard that the town has been much growing in last few years. Although I have never been there before, I can tell that things are going so fast in Vang Vieng. Lots of guesthouses constructions are in progress. Many local people houses have been adapted and renovated to serve backpackers who look for a cheap rental room. An internet café has been rising around the town. Restaurants are ready to serve you with many menus either western or local dishes.



Things are converse here.

Things are converse here.


One Response to Roaming Vang Vieng in Town

  1. grayman says:

    really nice place, seems calm. But I don’t see any old people. Must be primarily for young backpackers.

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