Kouang Si Waterfall

kouangsiimg_6067I actually paid 125,000 kips for a day trip to travel to Pak Ou Caves in the morning and Kouang Si Waterfall in the afternoon. A van transported us from a local tour office to the waterfall for distance approximately 30 kilometers south of the town.


Tat Kouang Si is a wide, many-tiered waterfall tumbling over limestone formations into a series of cool and turquoise pools. The beautiful waterfall is easy to access. Walking along verdant pathway around 700 meters, the stunning view of over 20 meters height waterfall reveals to your eyesight. Admission fee 20,000 kips

Commanding height

Commanding height



Lower floor

Lower floor

Turquoise pool

Turquoise pool


3 Responses to Kouang Si Waterfall

  1. leolaksi says:

    very nice pics and beautiful waterfall.

  2. DoReMe says:

    Beautiful!!!!!!!!! I like the last photo of the couple. ^o^

  3. foofookie says:

    thanks guys. hahah..the couple??, DoReMe…yeah..that’s my main object in the photo actually 🙂

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