Crumpler “6 Million Dollar Home” camera bag, I am not being confused to my Crumpler bag review.

Yes…yes..yes, I’ve already gotten one of the Crumpler Million Dollar Home series – The Five Million Dollar Home.

Yes…yes…yes, please let me say it again 🙂 I have just had another one of the Million Dollar Homes!

The Six Million Dollar Home was chosen for my latest Christmas’s gift by a very good friend of mine who (probably) thought that I would not be fulfilled enough to having only one shoulder bag…hahahahahahaha. Well, the idea has been proved recently that it was really right! – I’m telling you how….

6 Million Dollar Home - looks alike the Five one

6 Million Dollar Home - looks alike the Five one

The 6MDH came into me in brown/green colors. Its overall design is the same as the 5 Million Dollar Home. There is just a dimension of its which is bigger than the Five one and also more release flaps inside of the bag. Two large and four small sizes of the flaps are perfectly adjustable lids.

Part of shoulder strap

Part of shoulder strap


Side view

Water resistant 900D shell & 300D Ripstop lining, 1 x external pocket w/ internal mesh pocket, 2 x internal side pockets, 2 x external accessory attachment straps, 1 x mesh zip pocket under clip & Velcro release flap, padded & Brushed Nylon lined main compartment w/ 6 x configurable dividers, plastic stiffening layer in base, carry handle, adjustable removable shoulder strap & shoulder pad, 4 colour ways available.

Suitable for a digital SLR, vertical grip & “twin lens kit”, external flash unit and basic accessories, or DV cam and accessories. E.g. EOS D series SLR’s, Nikon D series SLR’s & attached lens up to 6″/15cm long & external speedlight & second lens up to

A fully padded photo bag with 6 x configurable dividers. You require a shoulder bag that provides a protective environment for your photo and or video equipment that doesn’t scream “photo bag!”



The first trial of my new 6 MDH was the New Year holidays’ trip recently. I had to carry my Canon 450D attached to a 18-55mm lens kit, other three more lens; 24-105mm f/4 L IS lens, 85mm f/1.8 lens and 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS lens, some necessary accessories; its charger, cables and a small blower, and also a Canon IXUS point and shoot camera.

 “Agrhh!!…how could I have them all together?!?!?!” I was worried, particularly carrying the bazooka lens (my own call for the 70-200mm lens). 6mdhimg_9301

I spent a few minutes to adjust and flip the compartment flaps of the 6MDH (I felt a bit like playing a rubix cube, though). Then, BINGO!! I can fit all my gears into the 6MDH. And there even had a few rooms left to hold additional devices like iPod stuff. Wow!! I was surprised by its roomy indeed. The height of the 70-200mm lens was very well fit to the bag height. I would say that you could even put the two of the 70-200mm lens in case of its heavyweight is not a problem to you.

Capacious compartment

Roomy compartments

Velcro flap customized to reduce its noisy

Velcro customized to reduce its noisy

Right, I now have two of the Million Dollar Home bags. How could I use it then?? I questioned myself at the beginning also. Anyhow, after the trial trip I defined the 6MDH as a superb transport vessel while the 5MDH is a handy carrier. Sounds like I have just been satisfied to the shoulder bags, doesn’t it? 😉

24 Responses to Crumpler “6 Million Dollar Home” camera bag

  1. leo says:

    It is a very nice review. I just got the 6MDH last night and I cannot wait to put my gears in it. Going to take some pictures on local beaches during weekend.

    Great photos.. and great blog…

  2. leo says:

    By the way, I am considering (and actually, am going to order) the Crumpler Industry Disgrace. The shoulder / neck strap I got from Nikon is not comfortable at all.

    btw, here is my list of gears (i am a n00b in DSLR).

    Nikon D90
    18-55mm VR (Kit)
    55-200mm VR (Kit)

  3. foofookie says:

    leo, thanks for visiting my blog and the compliment. You will have a good time with the 6MDH, I bet. I’m sure that it can easily fit all your gears 🙂

    I use a neoprene neck strap also. It isn’t the Crumpler one though. The neoprene strap is much more comfortable than the Nylon.

  4. leo says:

    I see you have a white telephoto lens. Which one is it?

  5. foofookie says:

    leo. it’s the canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS.

  6. Protege5 says:

    Great write up, just ordered one and the Industry Disgrace, Crumpler makes awesome products.

  7. foofookie says:

    Protege5, thanks for the compliment. I haven’t had a chance to try the Industry Disgrace. I use other neoprene at present. Wish you enjoy a new 6MDH.

  8. ~Sue-Leigh says:

    nice, thanks for posting photos with your review . . .

    do you happen to have a photo(s) with you wearing the bag to see the size compared to the body and how far it sits out from the body (how far it sticks out)?

    looking for a non-bulky travel bag 🙂

  9. foofookie says:

    SueLeigh, probably will do those photos when i have a chance. will have to find a model firstly. defenitly not me, otherwise who will be a photographer…hahaha

  10. iriairi says:

    Do you carry lens hoods?

  11. foofookie says:

    hi iriairi, yes I do. however, most of the time i take off lens hoods when i carry the gears. this’s also about to comfort gears packing into my camera bags.

  12. dave says:

    Since you have both the 5MDH and the 6MDH, maybe you can help me. In terms of the amount of equipment I have (SLR, 2 small lenses, flash, extra battery), the size of bag I desire, and the amount of money I want to spend, the 5MDH home seems perfect. However, the camera I have is the Nikon D1H. The specs on the Crumpler website say that the 5MDH is only 5.5″ (14 cm) deep , while my D1H is about 6″ (15.5 cm) wide and tall. Do you think it would be possible to stuff my camera into a 5MDH, or would I have to upgrade to the 6? Thanks.

  13. foofookie says:

    Hi Dave, I recently upgraded my camera body from the Canon 450D to 5D. And I still use either 5 or 6MDH to carry my gears. I think it’s possible to have the 5MDH for your Nikon and stuff. However, since I don’t exacty know about your equipments dimension, let me give you a few detail on what I usually put into the 5MDH at present.

    I carry the 5D attached to Canon 24-105mm f4 L IS lens. The 5D is W6″x H4.4″x D2.9″. The 24-105mm lens lenght is 4.2″. So it’s total 7.1″ lenght of the 5D attached to the lens. I put the body face down with the lens and its height is really just right to the 5MDH depth/height. There is no problem to fold a top flap over the bag body. Anyway, the top flap is just slightly flat and might not look beautiful shape after closing it. I don’t mind that, anyway. Besides the 5D with the 24-105mm, I’m still able to put an additional lens (size apprx 3.3″x3.8″), a battery charger, an extra battery and a small blower. They’re in the main compartment partitioned into three compartments just like you saw the photos on my 5MDH posting.

    For your gears listed, I think it depends on how big the 2 small lenses and the flash are. You’d probably have them all in the 5MDH but might be slightly tight. I mean the bag can contain them but it wouldn’t be easy for you to grab the gears when you want to use them. If you’d like to go for the 6MDH, it’s definitely roomy for you.

  14. foofookie says:

    Dave, you may have to see in detail of all equipments size you have. It seems easy to fit into the 5 if you had only a body with a lens, one additional lens, a flash and an extra battery. I’m just not sure for two extra lenses. / FooFooKie

  15. dave says:

    Thank you, FooFooKie! You are being very helpful. Just to be clear, when you place your 5D face down into the 5MDH, is the 6″ width of the camera running the width of the bag (same orientation as the 450D in the pictures on your 5MDH post)? or is is rotated 90 degrees so that the 6″ dimension is using the long part of the bag? I hope that description makes sense. I guess another way to phrase it would be: When you are wearing the bag, which side of the 5D is touching the back of the bag / your body? The left side, or the bottom? Thanks again.

  16. foofookie says:

    Hi Dave, sorry for my late response. Yes, I place the body face down into the bag by having its width running the width of the bag. Same as the photos on the 5MDH posting.

    Btw, I’m gonna post a few photos of the 5MDH and 6MDH in comparison and the 5MDH with my gears. Hope, it will give you more idea. Pls keep an eye on my posting.

  17. […] of my Five and Six Million Dollar Home Bags. Here are my two previous postings of them, 5MDH and 6MDH. Consequently, I got a few questions asked about the size different of these two bags and also […]

  18. jp says:

    hi i just wanna ask will my Nikon D80 w/ a battery grip would fit in this bag? thank!

  19. foofookie says:

    hi JP, no problem. you could put an extra lens also, i believe. Good luck!

  20. Patkung says:

    Thank for nice article. 🙂

  21. Zedd says:

    Thanks for your nice review fookie, i’m planning to get one, either 6/7mdh to fit my nikon d7000+vertical grip with nikon 70-200 vr1 attached.
    I’m not sure if 6mdh can close with this setup, i think i saw some forums that 7mdh is ok with this.

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  24. 2 likes says:


    Crumpler “6 Million Dollar Home” camera bag | Make It Worth…by foofookie

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