Scarlet Finch – A Bloody Day at Doi Lang

I was told that we were very lucky to see a bird named “Scarlet Finch”  on the second day we stayed at Doi Lang.  The bird is one of the most difficult seeing birds in Thailand. As a result, there was around a hundred of birdwatchers headed up to the Doi Lang rigth after the news of seeing the Scarlet Finch spreaded out in the next day. I heard that some people were willing to drive themselve a round trip more than 4 hours just to watching the bird only 15-30 minutes. Wow!! such a big star “Scarlet Finch”

Scarlet Finch

Male Scarlet Finch

Someone in our group said that seeing a Scarlet Finch is “Lucky”. Two of them seen is “Wonderful”. But we saw three of them at the same time on that day. So, that person named the day “Bloody day at Doi Lang”.
Female Scarlet Finch (Top one)

Female Scarlet Finch (Top one)


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