Crumpler bag in comparison – “5 Million Dollar Home” vs “6 Million Dollar Home”

I did a couple reviews of my Five and Six Million Dollar Home Bags. Here are my two previous postings of them, 5MDH and 6MDH. Consequently, I got a few questions asked about the size different of these two bags and also their own capacity to contain photo gears. As you see the two bags are in same family, Million Dollar Home, thus the design of the bag is exactly the same. What differentiate these two bags are their dimensions and numbers of configurable padded dividers. The 5MDH comes with 2 padded dividers while the 6MDH does have 6 dividers.

Here are photos compared size by size of these two bags.

Front size - 5MDH vs 6MDH

Front - 5MDH vs 6MDH

Side - 5MDH vs 6MDH

Side - 5MDH vs 6MDH

Like brother and sister

Like brother and sister

In addition, I also have a few photos to show you what photo gears the 5MDH can hold.

5MDH holds all these gears

5MDH can hold all these gears

Size shape when the gears loaded

Size shape when the gears loaded

13 Responses to Crumpler bag in comparison – “5 Million Dollar Home” vs “6 Million Dollar Home”

  1. leolaksi says:

    Nice review ff. I like it.

  2. Patty says:

    Thanks so much for your review foofookie.
    It does help me a lot as there is no crumpler shops around here as well.
    One ๆuestion, will 6MDH too big for a 5 feet tall girl like me?
    My first camera is D90 with 18-105 attached and 10-20 extra.

    I would like to get 5MDH, so it wont be too big when I carry it around. But 6MDH seems to give me more room for my stuffs (purse, cell phone, and some cosmetics), then I wont need the extra bag when I go out.
    Do you think which one will fit me more?

    PS. what is the velcro pad that you used to cover the velcro? It seems to help a lot with the noise.

  3. foofookie says:

    hi Patty, I think you could go for 5MDH. The D90 body should be similar size to Canon 450D, my ex-DSLR camera. And it used to fit very well with the 5MDH. I usually carry the same stuff as you said – purse, iphone, mini cosmetic pocket. 5MDH does serve them pretty good. 5MDH is my main camera bag for everyday use. 6MDH is slightly big if we talk about walking around a city with photo gears (also consider to numbers of the gears we’re saying here).

    I bought plain Velcro. I didn’t have any specific types. Got it from kind of a needlework shop. Don’t know if where you could get it in your place.

    Thanks for checking my postings n hope you will be happy with the MDH bag if you had it finally.

    I didn’t

  4. Anita says:

    good review foofookie. i’m alsmot 100% decided with the 5MH. i’ve been wavering between 5MH and 6MH
    do u think the 5MH can fit the 400D with 18-200mm lens and hood attached? and then also have space for 1 more 10-22mm lens with hood?


  5. foofookie says:

    hi Anita, thanks for visiting my blog. i used to fit the 450d attached with the 24-105mm which’s about the same size of the 18-200mm and had a room left to put the 17-40mm. so i’m pretty sure that the 5mdh’d be okay with your gears. re a hood, you may wanna have to reverse it when carrying in the bag.

  6. Anita says:

    Hi Foofookie. thanks very much, appreciate the information.

  7. I had one of these bags but absolutely hated it. Too darn heavy. It was bad enough lugging a video camera around, but to have the bulk and the weight of the bag too – yuk. I had it a month and gave it away to a friend 🙂

  8. Louis says:

    Hi foofookie. Good review. I just want to ask which can fit the following gear: 5dmark 2 with 24-105f4L attached. 430exII, 70-200f4L, blower. Second with the same gear adding a gorillapod slr zoom. And the third one is with 500d with 16-85 attached with 70-200f4L with 50mm f1.4 and blower. A bit too long… Thanks.

  9. Fantastic post & Excellent blog! I would like to launch a blog too but I have no clue where to begin. I know I have the relevant skills to do it (not that challenging on the technical part) but I feel like I’m too lazy to post on a regular basis… That’s the problem, if you get started you have to go all the way…

  10. Mac M0r0n says:

    great review!
    keep it up. I’m considering in buying the 7MDH for the Nikon D7000 with nikkor 70-200 2.8 VR1 attached. I also like the 6MDH or maybe 5MDH in case i don’t need to use the 70-200 2.8.

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    […]Crumpler bag in comparison – “5 Million Dollar Home” vs “6 Million Dollar Home” « Make It Worth…by foofookie[…]…

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