Crumpler bag in comparison – “5 Million Dollar Home” vs “6 Million Dollar Home”

May 9, 2009

I did a couple reviews of my Five and Six Million Dollar Home Bags. Here are my two previous postings of them, 5MDH and 6MDH. Consequently, I got a few questions asked about the size different of these two bags and also their own capacity to contain photo gears. As you see the two bags are in same family, Million Dollar Home, thus the design of the bag is exactly the same. What differentiate these two bags are their dimensions and numbers of configurable padded dividers. The 5MDH comes with 2 padded dividers while the 6MDH does have 6 dividers.

Here are photos compared size by size of these two bags.

Front size - 5MDH vs 6MDH

Front - 5MDH vs 6MDH

Side - 5MDH vs 6MDH

Side - 5MDH vs 6MDH

Like brother and sister

Like brother and sister

In addition, I also have a few photos to show you what photo gears the 5MDH can hold.

5MDH holds all these gears

5MDH can hold all these gears

Size shape when the gears loaded

Size shape when the gears loaded


Crumpler “6 Million Dollar Home” camera bag

January 6, 2009, I am not being confused to my Crumpler bag review.

Yes…yes..yes, I’ve already gotten one of the Crumpler Million Dollar Home series – The Five Million Dollar Home.

Yes…yes…yes, please let me say it again 🙂 I have just had another one of the Million Dollar Homes!

The Six Million Dollar Home was chosen for my latest Christmas’s gift by a very good friend of mine who (probably) thought that I would not be fulfilled enough to having only one shoulder bag…hahahahahahaha. Well, the idea has been proved recently that it was really right! – I’m telling you how….

6 Million Dollar Home - looks alike the Five one

6 Million Dollar Home - looks alike the Five one

The 6MDH came into me in brown/green colors. Its overall design is the same as the 5 Million Dollar Home. There is just a dimension of its which is bigger than the Five one and also more release flaps inside of the bag. Two large and four small sizes of the flaps are perfectly adjustable lids.

Part of shoulder strap

Part of shoulder strap


Side view

Water resistant 900D shell & 300D Ripstop lining, 1 x external pocket w/ internal mesh pocket, 2 x internal side pockets, 2 x external accessory attachment straps, 1 x mesh zip pocket under clip & Velcro release flap, padded & Brushed Nylon lined main compartment w/ 6 x configurable dividers, plastic stiffening layer in base, carry handle, adjustable removable shoulder strap & shoulder pad, 4 colour ways available.

Suitable for a digital SLR, vertical grip & “twin lens kit”, external flash unit and basic accessories, or DV cam and accessories. E.g. EOS D series SLR’s, Nikon D series SLR’s & attached lens up to 6″/15cm long & external speedlight & second lens up to

A fully padded photo bag with 6 x configurable dividers. You require a shoulder bag that provides a protective environment for your photo and or video equipment that doesn’t scream “photo bag!”



The first trial of my new 6 MDH was the New Year holidays’ trip recently. I had to carry my Canon 450D attached to a 18-55mm lens kit, other three more lens; 24-105mm f/4 L IS lens, 85mm f/1.8 lens and 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS lens, some necessary accessories; its charger, cables and a small blower, and also a Canon IXUS point and shoot camera.

 “Agrhh!!…how could I have them all together?!?!?!” I was worried, particularly carrying the bazooka lens (my own call for the 70-200mm lens). 6mdhimg_9301

I spent a few minutes to adjust and flip the compartment flaps of the 6MDH (I felt a bit like playing a rubix cube, though). Then, BINGO!! I can fit all my gears into the 6MDH. And there even had a few rooms left to hold additional devices like iPod stuff. Wow!! I was surprised by its roomy indeed. The height of the 70-200mm lens was very well fit to the bag height. I would say that you could even put the two of the 70-200mm lens in case of its heavyweight is not a problem to you.

Capacious compartment

Roomy compartments

Velcro flap customized to reduce its noisy

Velcro customized to reduce its noisy

Right, I now have two of the Million Dollar Home bags. How could I use it then?? I questioned myself at the beginning also. Anyhow, after the trial trip I defined the 6MDH as a superb transport vessel while the 5MDH is a handy carrier. Sounds like I have just been satisfied to the shoulder bags, doesn’t it? 😉

Crumpler “5 Million Dollar Home” camera bag

December 7, 2008

A short review of my crumpler “Five Million Dollar Home” camera bag;  I was looking for a shoulder camera bag a few months ago.  Well, my own requirement was a bit fussy.  I didn’t want a camera bag that looked like a camera bag!! (how does that sound?). I wanted a shoulder bag that it is not too big and not too small. And it would have to fit well for my Canon 450D body, its accessories and probably has a room for another lens. I did google and look at many brands manufactured a camera bag such as Lowepro, Tamrac, Kata or even local brands. But it seemed like none of them answered my ridiculous criteria, not looks like a camera bag – what I meant is that it should be stylish, not such a traditional camera bag design.

Until I recalled that ‘LeoLaksi‘ used to review a camera backpack branded Crumpler, so I searched to find its website and checked out thier products. There is one family of shoulder camera bag named “Million Dollar Home” which has several dimensions in order to serve all kinds of capacity required. When I saw its design, I was like..yes! this is what a camera bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag that I was looking for. I was fancy to the 5 Million Dollar Home as its size seemed to be suitable to my equipements.  

I found a bit problem to getting the bag. There does not have the Crumpler shop or counter in Thailand. The nearest location is in Singapore. So, I had to ask one of my good friends to buy it for me from there.  I was at the fifty-fifty satisfication to getting the bag as I didn’t had a chance to look at a real bag and carefully consider in details.

Finally, I got it a month ago (well, it was just in time before my trip to Laos). When I firstly saw it in a real one, I must say that  I was satisfied by its design indeed. For me, it looks awesome. You wouldn’t even think its a camera bag by just looking at it.

Shoulder strap and carry handle

Front side with shoulder strap and carry handle

Top view

Top view

Look at inside

Look at inside

Front side pocket

Front side pocket

* All photographs taken by iPhone.

Overview: The bag has met all my requirements so far. It has two release flaps to turn the inside of the bag into 3 compartments. I can put a lens on one end, then my DSLR camera sits face down with a lens at the middle comparment and other accessories such as a charger, a small blower and all cables in the last compartment. On the front there is a pocket where I can keep my point and shoot camera, USB card reader and iPod camera connector. In the top, I can throw in the SD memory cards or even my wallet into a zipper mesh pocket.

It is only one negative thing for me about this bag. It is the velcro release flap which is really noisy when I open the bag. Someone may like it as it is good to keep your camera saftly and not easily fall out. But it is really annoyed me and because I like to keep it quietly and unnoticeable when I grab my camera for any shots.