Songkran Festival 2009, unforgettable times in Thailand

April 17, 2009

The traditional Thai New Year is the Songkran Days, officially celebrated every year on 13-15 April and lasts between 3 to 10 days, depending on where you are in Thailand.  Though it seems to be well-known as the water-splashing festival for tourists nowadays, Thai people traditionally spend a time to visit and pay respect to the elders in their family, friends and neighbors. And also people go to a temple to pray and give food to monks.

In this year 2009, the Songkran festival had become notable periods for Thailand, not in a good way though. I will not go into details of the chaos in Bangkok and Pattaya. Those matters are not considered as the “Worth” in my own blog theme. 



None of Thai people would like to experience the Songkran celebration like what we just had either in Pattaya or Bangkok recently, I dare to say this!  The only war we are keen and looking forward to is a battle of water gunfires, not tear gas…

“Sawasdee Pi Mai Chao Thai” = Happy New Year to Thai People.

May the force be with you-